Our Story

Our passion for good food started at the kitchen and dining table at home. Having grown up at No. 9, it seemed only fitting for us that we turn our ancestral home into a place where we could share our love of food with you.

Located at our old neighborhood of E. Benedicto Street, No. 9 gave us the opportunity to bring together the past and the future, melding elements of the old world with modern day. It features a newly renovated interior that coexists with the original exterior façade of the 50 year old house. A new lighting system illuminates the main dining hall while guests have a floor-to-ceiling view of the old garden and trees.

Our cuisine imbibes the same principles as the restaurant’s design, using both traditional and modern techniques in its preparation. In its essence, our menu can be described as a homage to the food we fell in love with. The dishes may look deceptively simple, but a lot of work and love has gone into its preparation.

Nothing would make us happier than to have our guests feel that love in every bite.


Iñaki and Pepin Martinez