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No. 9 is the oasis you and your guests have been looking for, an escape from the hectic world all around us, set amidst the vibrant city center of Cebu. If you’re looking for an intimate setting for your Private Party, check out the packages that make No. 9 the perfect location for the select few (like you) that truly want that world-class exclusive experience. 

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Specializing in private and corporate social celebrations, from birthdays and weddings to media events and product launches, you now have the chance to throw that once-in-a-lifetime party!

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Featuring a truly unique and award-winning rustic Spanish menu, paired with a selection of the very best cocktails, wines and craft beers.

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No. 9 can accommodate up to 80 guests and has helped successfully host numerous private and corporate events.


  • Dynamic indoor event space

  • Custom themes and entertainment options

  • Flexible use of space for events, performances, small concerts, and parties

  • Unique menu options that can be customized to fit your theme and budget

No. 9 Private Event Buffet Menu

*minimum of 30 people on weekdays, 40 people on weekends


P750 + SC / person (tapas board, 1 vegetable and 3 mains, 1 round of iced tea)
P900 + SC / person (tapas board, 1 vegetable and 4 mains, 1 round of iced tea)
P1050 + SC / person (tapas board, 1 vegetable and 5 mains, 1 round of iced tea)

CHORIZO pork and paprika sausage
MUSSELS in white wine

ENSALADA DE CALABAZA pumpkin, arugula, pickled apple, migas
ESPINACAS CON GARBANZOS spinach, garbanzos, spices
PISTO zucchini and eggplant stew 

FIDEO NEGRO broken noodles, squid, chorizo, ink, aioli
CARBONARA pasta, smoked pork jowl, manchego, black pepper
ARROZ MIXTO rice, chicken, pork, mussels
ARROZ CON MARISCOS rice, fish fillet, squid, mussels
CALLOS chorizo, morcilla
ROAST CHICKEN, romesco sauce
MEATBALLS, tomato sauce, green peas
FISH, adobo, green olive salsa
PORK COLLAR, clams, chorizo
LAMB SHOULDER, lentils, burnt and pickled eggplant

CREMA CATALANA CON MANGO custard, burnt sugar, mango (add P100/person)
BURNT CHEESECAKE (add P110/person)
USDA PRIME RIB ROAST, roast potatoes, demi glace (add P3,000/kg)

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No. 9 Beverage Options

Looking to liven up you event with an open bar? Or maybe something a little more sophisticated like a wine pairing to go with your dinner? Just let us know in the Additional Information form below if you have any special requests and we'll make it happen for you!

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